Thursday, April 4, 2013


Welcome to Module 2 ICT in Schools. You are a member of group number 2-1.
Please click on Comments at the bottom of this page to introduce yourself.
What is your name?
Where do you work?
What is your field of work?


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  2. Neila K.Ettienne is in!!! I teach Theatre Arts at Boca Secondary.

  3. Astra Frank. District Education Officer (District 6), Ministry of Education.

  4. Hiya, Pearlyn 'Isola' Walker here
    IT teacher at Boca Secondary School
    Teaching ignites me, programming is my true love
    Very first blog:

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  6. Glenroy George.
    St. John's Christian Secondary School (Schaper)
    Teacher of Science and I.T.

  7. Lavon Straker
    St. Mark's Secondary
    Information Technology

  8. My name is Jervis Dabreo, i'm an Information Technology teacher at the St. Andrew's Anglican Secondary School (SAASS) where I teach students from forms 1 to 5.

  9. Hello My Name is Vanessa Whiteman, IT Lecturer at T A Marryshow Community College. The link to my blog is

  10. Hi my name is Stephen Antoine, Information Technology and Chemistry at the Happy Hill Secondary School. This course is wonderful so far and I look forward to learning more during its duration.

    Do remember to check out my blogs for this course.

  11. Greeting,
    Anslem "Slemo" Charles
    I teach Physics and Biology at Grenville Secondary School. Check out my bloog at

  12. I am Mrs. Lynnel Bishop-Sabazan. I Currently work at SJC St. George, where I teach Information Technology.

  13. Hello All,
    My name is Eric Nurse
    Information Technology Curriculum Officer at Ministry of Education

    1. Check out my blog at

  14. Eng.Raymond G Jacob
    Westerhall Secondary school
    Information communication Technology

  15. Caundi Joseph
    Coordinator of Distance Education/Online learning
    ICT.. Distance Education

  16. Hi I'm Hermione Baptiste, Curriculum Development Officer, employed at the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, with special responsibility for coordinating the Health and Family life Education Programme, which is one of subjects on the schools' curriculum.

  17. My name is June Balwant I am a teacher at the Grenville Secondary School& Literacy Coordinator

  18. My name is Denyse Hypolite Brathwaite. I work at the Ministry of Education as a Curriculum Officer for Literacy. I works primarily with Literacy Coordinators and English Teachers at secondary and primary schools.

  19. Hi my name is Judy Fraser. I teach at the Woburn Methodist school.I teach Grade 6. We are intensely preparing for the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment(C.P.E.A) right now.

  20. My name is Lydon Richardson and am employed by the Government of Grenada attached to Curriculum Development Unit in the Ministry of Education with responsibility for Mathematics.

  21. Hello I am Angella Finlay. I am employed by the Government of Grenada and I am on assignment at
    Wesley College as a Secondary school maths teacher. I am assessing the possibility of my successful participation in this course.

  22. Hello everyone,

    I am Andrea Phillip, Deputy Chief Education Officer (Curriculum), working at the HQ of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development. I lead a team of content specialists whose main task is to develop and/or source curricula for all schools in Grenada, as well as support teachers in their day-to-day delivery of various subject matter.

    I am pleased to see the CCTI get off the starting block and to be a part of this training exercise.

    Cheers to us all for being pioneers in ICT in Grenada.


  23. My Name is Raymond G Jacob Information Technology teacher Westerhall Secondary School.

    I am please to see that ICT is being implemented in such a wide scope, I hope that our present situation can be elevated to that level.

  24. My name is Stephen Antoine Information Technology and Chemistry teacher at the Happy Hill Secondary School. The integration of ICT as a normal course of our teaching and learning is paramount within the context of this technological era that we live in.

    I look forward to the experience and revolution that CCTI-Grenada will bring to the Isle of Spice in the not too distant future.